About Tadhg And What He Does

jg face photoWelcome. I’m pleased that you’re exploring this page. So, here’s  something about Tadhg Jonathan.

In essence, Tadhg is in awe of those liminal places and cosmic interconnections we ‘move through’ each day, usually unaware, and writes about them extensively. He uses creative visualisation sessions (and ritual) for clients to move through liminality, those ‘thin places’, to gain advice and guidance, to realise their purpose, to encounter power, and achieve their potential.

So, a little bit more about him. Tadhg loves the great outdoors and likes to ‘lose’ himself especially in the rugged, wet, wild and natural areas of north Wales where he lives – though he has a small apartment in London, and jaunts between the too (and travels elsewhere, widely).

He also loves writing about those deep, spiritual encounters of life, and so do read his articles, journal excerpts and poetry on tadhgtalks.

He is a latter-day Celt, though some have called him a Christo-Druid or Druidic-Christian, or even an Anamcara (soul friend) because he likes to ‘go deep’ and encourage others (yourself, too) to do similar, and benefit. Whatever he is, he is welcoming and inclusive, non-proselytising, and enjoys the company of fellow-sojourners on their spiritual journey, such as yourself, as we journey ‘Home’. He would dearly like to work with you.

He is a lively, sociable, welcoming 60something, mature guy, who laughs a lot. Do get in touch with him, even if it’s just to say ‘hello’. He is an avid reader, too, and is also an amateur astronomer (and the owner of a 12inch Meade telescope).

He has a myriad of great friends, so do stay in touch as he’d like you to be included in that number. He also has two sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren, all of whom he is immensely proud of.

So, what does Tadhg do?

Tadhg’s specialism is liminality. This is the ‘doorstep’ between Here and the Other, it is accessed in deeply natural places (forests, waterfalls etc where it may be known as a ‘thin place’), at special events (baby baptisms, handfasting, weddings, house-blessings, animal/pet blessings, funerals etc) and at imaginal (creative visualisation) sessions, and other rituals to celebrate the turning of the great circle, the seasons, or to mark a family, house or workplace events.

Tadhg, then, organises workshops and one-to-one sessions where he ushers clients  into that imaginal-but-real realm of liminality, of potential, growth, maturity and ‘magic’. Many benefit by encountering characters (elemental, guides, angels etc) and their inner-self, and obtain answers, guidance and direction, and energy (sportspeople and those recuperating please take note) etc by exploring that inner landscape, and obtaining ‘gifts’. Oh, there’s so much more to tell you. It’s an adventure!

Because liminality also happens in ritual, Tadhg has many years experience of organising ‘open’ events to celebrate the seasons etc, and leads many family events to celebrate rites of passage, assistance to healing, energy, ‘house (negative energy) clearing’ etc. He is a ceremonialist and even studied to be an inclusive, welcoming priest, spending a number of years at the London School of Theology and at other places. He was ordained at Steyne Hall in 1986, and is now ‘freelance’, working with all to provide a memorable ceremony for all occasions. Tadhg has also studied celtic and druidic studies, herbalism and the use of rocks in ceremony and in the home etc. Is there an upcoming ceremony that you might like him to lead?

So, what are you waiting for? Do contact Tadhg to see how we can work together, do say at least ‘hello’, and maybe ‘sign up’ to his articles on tadhgtalks, and never miss an article. He is a sociable guy, approachable, with a sense of humour, and loves life to the full. He is a ‘keydropper’. Dare you pick it up?

Blessings, light and love be to you and yours, now and always.

Namaste, Tadhg

[How to pronounce his name? Tadhg sounds like the first half of the word tig-er, if you sound the ‘g’ at the end of the first syllable. You can call him Tadhg, or you can call him Jonathan, whichever is easier for you. He’s happy with either, or both! But, do contact him.]


28 thoughts on “About Tadhg And What He Does

  1. I have now stopped to read your bio, Tadhg. What a pleasure to find you. I have lots of questions and things to share relating to the work you do. I have spent my life being drawn to the mystery of power places and am fascinated to hear about liminality. My blog on here is not particularly reflective of this topic…but I hope to read more from you soon.

    Namaste, too. Elizabeth

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    • Great to meet you, and by all means drop by when you can. Do keep in touch. And you mentioned your blog, but I couldn’t find a link to it, sadly. I’m happy to answer questions you might have – but I’m still a learner, too. If you ask a question in the comment box, I’ll reply here (unless you ask me not to); or you can email me and I’ll reply, similarly, by email. My email is: tadhg@tadhg.cymru

      Namaste, Tadhg


      • Hi. Thanks for getting back. I checked your blog….wonderful. I love the history, the poetry, the photos on it. I’ll be coming back to it. Do stay in touch, Regards, Tadhg


      • Oh hi Tadhg, I just saw this! thanks for taking a look..glad you liked it…just things I love.
        Bit overloaded with making a crust at the mo..but Spring is here and that always inspires me. Likewise, I will keep an eye on your blog and look foward to a more detailed talk; some of your insights into spirit of place and so on, I have always felt by never found expressed in such a real way…I am on the Celtic Tradition Facebook page, and enjoying David Cole’s Celtic Christianity course. Look forward to spreading my contacts wider, more writing, meditation and direction. Best wishes Elizabeth

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  2. I have enjoyed your piece on Thin Places Tadhg. I find this an easy thing to relate to personally. As P Kavanagh said ‘God is in the bits and pieces of everyday life’.
    I was playing golf yesterday. I had the whole course to myself. A heavy shower of rain fell for 5 minutes. Immediately after it cleared this amazing sun shine flooded the fairway. In the most literal sense it was brilliant. But it was the sense of the transcendent that blew me away.
    Last night then I was at a class where we study the writings of Luisa Picaretta and the subject of the veil of heaven being only a breath away came up in her writings. Heaven is veiled behind creation and numerous other situations. Happy unveiling Tadhg.

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    • Thankyou for sharing that. I love it, especially, when ‘thin places’ open up at unexpected times and in various places, such as you experienced on a gold course. Wonderful. Thankyou for sharing that experience.


  3. Hello Tadhg ,
    What’s the origin of your name?
    Anyway I find your site interesting.
    I’m christian who is evangelical with catholic overtones (if there is such a thing). I try to maintain a practice of Centering Prayer in my attempt to be closer to God.
    I’m 57 married with two daughters 24 and 23. I live in Perth , Australia.
    I’m in Mental Health nursing with teens…
    I’m interested in what you have to offer?…
    Well that’s a bit of a mouth full but I wanted to say more than just hello.
    Look forward to your reply.

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  4. Hi Tadhg,
    I hope all is well with you. I find your posts and blogs very interesting and enjoy reading them. I am not a blogger but I am attempting it. I am a recently retired school teacher with two adult sons and grandmother of 3 sweeties. I have been a Christian most of my life…I am not a member of any organized branch; but, I was in the past.
    I look forward to more of your blogs and posts…I hope your days are filled smiles and laughter…God Bless you,
    Katrina 😊

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  5. I am struggling to write something but my smallish ginger blob who is trying to make me accept that it is two hours later and therefore tea time keeps parading between me and the keyboard!
    I find your blogs very interesting. I’m still haven’t heard from you about whether you are the Tadhg who offered to give Celtic names. But it occurred to me, that if you are, you wouldn’t be able to help me because I didn’t give any details. So here goes, I’m 68 this year and suffer from arthritis so walking, which I loved is now beyond me. I trained for teaching but am now retired; I did my training in Carmarthen and have my Certificate in Welsh which I am trying to relearn. I write and did pay to have a book published in 2007, which was a bad time because I was divorcing my husband.
    I realised in 2006 that I had been a Druid all my life without realising it in 2006 and started the OBOD course but lack of funds stopped me.
    I have 2 children and 2 grandsons.
    I feel passionately for Nature and wild life and would prefer them to humans.
    Is that enough?

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    • Hi Elizabeth. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. The response to the Celtic name offer was please malty surprising and exceeded my expectations. Bearing in mind the information you’ve given, I’ll certainly research a name or two, but it may take a few days to get back to you. But I will reply. Thanks for this message. Many blessings, Tadhg


  6. Awesome site. So glad I stumbled across you Tadhag, been reading bits and pieces for the last hour. I am a bit of an eclectic and theosophic mix: Eastern Orthodox / Peace Theology / Pentecostal Vibrancy / Advaita / NonDualism / Grace and Inclusion / Contemplative/Mystical Traditions / Celtic Influence / Sprinklings of Druidism.

    Keep those good thoughts rolling!

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    • Steve, what can I say? Thankyou for stopping by and reading my posts, and thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words. I think we’re very much alike – I love the word ‘eclectic’. Please do stay in touch and ‘fire off’ an email and tell me how things are with you. Many blessings to you and yours, Tadhg. [tadhg@tadhg.cymru]


  7. Having seen a share on Facebook about your Holly article I then found your bio. I must say your energy comes right through and was at once calming and curiosity raising. I will be back to read more.

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    • Thank you for reading this, and for your positive comment. I’m pleased you got some of the energy and look forward to hearing from you in the future. If you haven’t done already, it is possible to ‘sign’ up for notifications (either at the end of each article of each specific article, or generally in the margin. Many blessings, Tadhg.


  8. Thank you for reading this, and for your positive comment. I’m pleased you got some of the energy and look forward to hearing from you in the future. If you haven’t done already, it is possible to ‘sign’ up for notifications (either at the end of each article of each specific article, or generally in the margin. Many blessings, Tadhg.


    • Hi Martha, many thanks for signing up. I’ve had a quick look at your site, and definitely will probe deeper after the long public holiday weekend. Much light and love to you and yours, Tadhg.


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