COMING SOON: PAGE BEING DEVELOPED: In the fast-changing and uncertain times there is a timeless knowledge and wisdom that pervades the Universe and which calls out, in nature, through the seasons, through others, and circumstances, to those who dare to listen. We’re…

  • welcoming, friendly, inclusive of all
  • fellow adventurers in time and space, on a specific path
  • drawing closer to The Great Provider, and exploring the wonders of creation

This is your personal ‘invite’ to friendly Grace Grove (a Druidic-Christian or Christo-Druidic) group of  people, like you and me, who believe there is more to life than meets the eye, and who would like you to co-discover with them the mysteries of the Universe.



Near or far, London UK or further afield, via physical events or globally by the internet (eg Zoom, Live-streaming etc), GraceGrove has you in mind to connect to That Which Is Bigger Than Ourselves. Grace Grove leads Druidic and Christian, Perennial faith events, and benefit. Find answers here! We do…

  • seasonal celebrations: eg moon, solstice, Easter, samhaim, Christmas etc
  • rites of passage ceremonies: baby-naming, handfasting, anniversaries etc
  • blessings of people, communities, the sick, animals, houses, offices, projects etc
  • local and physical events, physically and via internet eg livestreaming etc
  • group, open-to-the-public, and private/family events, one-to-one, too!
  • invitation to encounter The Source Of All in a lively, experiential way etc.

So, step into the Circle. That which you are seeking is seeking you. And, we’d like you to experience and benefit from a liminal encounter (and more!).


Our aim is to serve you, to be concerned about our pets (ps: we do pet blessings, too), wildfire, nature and the universe, to care for out local/global community, our homes (ps: we do home blessings and spiritual cleansing etc), and blessings for workplaces and GG COFFEEwork and community projects.

Make sure you get blog articles and Grace Grove updates – see the ‘following’ buttons in the right-hand side bar. If you have any questions, please contact Tadhg Jonathan by email – see right-hand sidebar.