About Tadhg & Donations

Welcome. Croeso.

Tadhg Jonathan is a man with deep wisdom, knowledge and passion for all things Celtic-druidic, and which is the culmination of over forty years of studying and application.

Hisddc13e08-e9a3-49aa-b3b8-745854e8e81a ministry is to support like-minded awesome ‘adventurers’ and spiritual enquirers like you.

It’s about living life to the full, reaching maturity, even transformation, and encountering in a new, profound way.

There’s more. It’s about you maturing in all things Celtic-Druidic relating to the Universe, life, the seasons, the power realms, stories and rituals etc to grow and enjoy life; to encourage you to be part of a global family and participate fully; and for him to reach out to others with this Ancient-Future, spiritual, inclusive, eco-loving, ‘grounded’, Universe-based, path.

And, you can be part of it too!

He does this with pertinent and lively articles (see his blog), video broadcasts (via Facebook), public speaking, leading workshops, and leading online and in-real-life ceremonies (which are sometimes broadcast, and open to all, for full moon and seasonal celebrations, healing rituals, animal blessing rituals etc). He also leads in-real-life bespoke ceremonies for family groups/groves for baby naming, handfasting, house-blessing, one-to-one prayers/good wishes and individual ministry etc.

This work is not just theory, but is about knowledge, the wisdom of the ages, and an experiential ‘grounded’ way that will unleash your potential. It’s practical. You will discover your status, place and purpose in the universe.

Do keep in touch – sign up, ask questions, email me, and let’s get to know each other (more) – and be part of this truly global family. Please send good wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, please, as these are essential; and rest assured I am doing the same for you.

Bright blessings to you and those whom you love (human and non-human), Tadhg

If you are able to make a one-off or regular monetary donation to ensure that Tadhg’s ministry continues, can expand, and reach more people with this much needed Celtic-Druidic ancient-future wisdom that is ‘earthed’ and inclusive, do be assured that all monies donated does not go to his living expenses/wage etc, but rather, goes wholly to the work and receipts connected with this unique ministry, of which you can be part. Blessings, Tadhg

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