Liminality & Work With Clients

Welcome. Here’s an outline of Tadhg’s work and how beneficial it can be to you, wherever you are.

In person or online, his work can will guide you, empower you (and deal with any ‘energy blockages’, need for healing etc), access your (hidden/undeveloped) potential, leading to growth, maturity and transformation.

Tadhg is a latter-day Celt, and an Anamcara (literally, a ‘soul friend’), and his specialism is liminality – the ‘gap’ or threshold between Here and the Other, and known to ancient Celts as ‘thin places’. They still exist, though many people today, sadly, pass them by.

You can step into the imaginal realm – a place of power and potential. It’s an inner landscape awaiting exploration.

Liminality Sessions: In one-to-one guided sessions with clients (wherever they are) or workshops, he uses creative visualisation and liminal entry protocols to access the imaginal realm using. Discerning men and women, such as yourself, may benefit from the following types of sessions and events he organises. Some like:

  • Angelic Encounters Sessions: These sessions allow you to meet and interact with your guardian angel(s) and other specialist angels and allies in that inner realm. You’ll be able to perform tasks in that realm, and because their can be symbolic you’ll be able to navigate to different locations and scenarios, and discover ‘treasures’ or be given ‘gifts’ that may affect your daily life, sport, studies, development etc beneficially. Some obtain guidance, empowerment, healing, strength for their sport, energy for daily life or art, work etc. What about you?
  • Archetypal Mapping Sessions: Did you know you have at least 12 archetypes, each with their own skills and attributes? These sessions will enable you to actually meet them as dream-like ‘living’ metaphors, interact with them in that lminial-imaginal realm. Why, you might discover attributes that had hitherto laid dormant, or you might want to try the ‘step into’ process to ‘borrow’ another archetypes’ attributes temporarily for your work, sport, ongoing growth and transformation? Or you might want questions answered, guidance etc. What are you waiting for? These sessions will assist.
  • Power Blessing Program: We live in a fast-paced world, where many do not know or use the amazing power at their disposal. Many don’t even know their incredible status or purpose. This liminial-experiential program will start to reveal your awesome status, use spiritual exercises to ‘show’ you the immense power at your disposal, and encourage you to use it for yourself and others.

Safe, profound and so worthwhile. It’s an inner adventure of exploration and growth.

Tadhg’s specialist liminal work is focussed on that ‘gap’ between the Here and the Other, and you can benefit.

Tadhg is also a:

Ceremonialist and independent Priest, and has a wealth of experience in leading bespoke, baby-naming and blessing ceremonies, other transition-ceremonies, hand-fasting ceremonies, marriage blessings, and other ceremonies. He inclusive, welcoming and non-judgemental, and would dearly like to work with you. What about you?

Herbalist currently specialising in physical-liminiality aids to enhance the above-mentioned, with the use power-rocks and herbs essences etc, to enhance ones environment, effect outcomes, complement those imaginal-yet-meaningful imaginal realm sessions.

What to do next? The abovementioned in centred on liminality and the powerful and effective use of the imaginal realm. For more information about specific types of sessions/events in person or via the internet (skype etc) wherever you are, contact Tadhg directly to ‘book’ or to say ‘hi’.

Namaste, Tadhg