Tadhg Jonathan’s calendar: Do check out some of the upcoming events open to all. The calendar is updated at least monthly. If the event is a live-streaming or recorded event on FaceBook, please see the notes under the calendar. Events listed are ‘open’ and inclusive. Currently, no  ‘Private’ events, that is,  time  set aside for ‘in-confidence’ one to one meetings, blessings, ‘readings’,  or group/family ceremonies etc, which may also available in person or via the internet, are shown. Do contact Tadhg About there – see his email address in the notes below.


So, first: To see  the a lives-streaming broadcast (or recording of one)  and join in (Via comments etc) you need to be a FaceBook friend of Tadhg’s. If you’ve been able to see my morning ‘Thought For The Day’ broadcasts via FaceBook then you’re good to go.

If you’re new, not a current FaceBook friend, then do check <here>. If don’t see previous videos there  or if you can’t gain full access to that webpage then you’ll need to become a  FaceBook friend: so, press the ‘friends’ link on my Facebook site (See the link above), I’ll accept as soon as I can, and then do try the link above again to see if you can gain access, in readiness for the ‘broadcast’. If you still can’t get access, or if there’s any ‘challenges’, please email me, at:

Don’t forget tie zones differences. Bless you, Tadhg.